RE Red EnvelopeBy entering the payment amount,up to 100% cash rebate for you,no matter how you pay

No credit card required,
so easy to get rebates

You can register to become a member with only your cell phone number, and you can always get up to 100% cash-back rebate at all the RE stores as long as you enter your payment amount in the app while making a purchase, no matter how you pay.


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No time limits or discount restriction on the use

You can use your red envelope rebates without time limits and won’t have to worry about the funds getting expired. Also, there’s no maximum restriction of rebates redeemed for discount.


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Receive Red Envelope on this purchase , use it on the next one

You can use the rebates from last purchase on the next one immediately.


Rebate funds are available for all RE stores

You can always use the rebates received from A store at B store, no boundaries at all!

Cash in points, never expire

Integrate multiple points and make points as easy to use as cash!

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  • 統一集團
  • 全家點數
  • 樂天點數
  • PChome P幣
  • 中信信用卡紅利點數
  • 新光銀行信用卡紅利點數
  • 鉑客生活俱樂部

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No matter how you pay,
you will get 100% cash rebate